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Unholy (2004 Avatar) #2 Showgirl


Brian Pulido's UNHOLY #2 Showgirl
Retail Price: $5.99 US
Cover: Walter Geovani
Story: Brian Pulido
Art: Di Amorim
Readership: All ages
Format: B&W, 32 pages, monthly 2 of 3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Penny shows off the goods on this sultry new cover from Geovani! Penny has recently been brought back to life, enrolled as God's assassin, attacked by demonic hoards, and befriended by some less-than-savory allies. And the day is not over yet! In her first major fight with the UnHoly hordes, Penny is starting to learn her new powers, as well as the weaknesses of her enemies. Limited to 700 copies.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014