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Belladonna (Avatar 2004) Convention Special Hellfire


Cover: Paulo Sequeira
Story: Brian Pulido
Art: Clint Hilinski
Readership: All ages
Format: Full color, 16 pages, one shot

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Smoking Gypsy artist Paulo Sequeira shows off Belladonna's vengeance! Belladonna is unleashed in this special edition that features her first ever story in full-color! Wexford Ireland. 971 AD. A time of upheaval as civilization imposes itself on a wild, ancient land. After a tragic event that rips the heart of Ireland in two, a Celtic warrior spirit rises from the other world to claim vengeance on the Viking hordes who have fouled the land and murdered it's promised ones. Join Lady Death creator Brian Pulido as he unveils his newest creation. Belladonna is a tale steeped in passion, violence and darkness as only Pulido can tell it. Limited to 1500 copies.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014