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Full Color, 96 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: War Comics have long been a staple of the medium and were a major factor in launching superhero comics on the American market, and yet it’s true that a pattern of conflict might just be the most consistent trait of the medium across many genres. From sci-fi to Westerns, superhero tales to horror and mystery stories, the conflict between opposing sides, often in the form of protagonist and antagonist, keep our interest and engage our emotions. In this issue of BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE, RICH JOHNSTON will look back at the role of War Comics, our contributors will survey their current incarnations, and trace this legacy through multiple genres today. This issue will also look at film and gaming traditions that stem from war narratives, and bring you our Price Guide focusing on War Comics. Now appearing at 128 pages on a bi-monthly release schedule, BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE delivers an in-depth, themed look at the industry, as well as creator-driven interviews only to be found in our print edition.

Release Date: Mar-30-2016