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Full Color, 128 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Gadgetry and human modification have been staples of speculative fiction since its inception. The allure of technology bringing superior skills to worthy or less than worthy individuals continues to play out in mainstream and indie comics titles today. But where do we draw the line between using technology and technology using us? The questioning that comes with use of great power is part of the fascination of these stories. In this issue of BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE, we’ll look at the rise of augmented protagonists in comics, and RICH JOHNSTON will lead our discussion of heroes human and post-human. We’ll be joined by WARREN ELLIS in an exclusive interview on post-humanism, and we’ll set out to explore these ideas in comics by leading publishers and creators. This issue will also investigate the films and games that have fed our curiosity, while delivering our Price Guide featuring the rise of tech-savvy heroes on the collectors’ market. Now appearing at 128 pages on a bi-monthly release schedule, BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE delivers an in-depth, smart critique of the industry, as well as revealing interviews only to be found in our print edition.

Release Date: Oct-30-2015