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Full Color, 128 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  As the biggest pop culture event in the USA, San Diego Comic-Con breaks the most current news in comics and launches rife speculation about upcoming titles. In this special expanded issue of BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE, join RICH JOHNSTON as he questions how influential SDCC has been in shaping the comics and entertainment industries since its inception and whether a move for the convention is really on the horizon. This issue will also feature publisher and retailer perspectives on SDCC, the hottest titles slated to be featured at the con, and an insider’s look at the trending topics and rumors of SDCC 2015. Our film and gaming writers will fill us in on the most viral buzz this year, and in this edition, you’ll also find a special Price Guide dedicated to collectible exclusives from SDCC. Now delivering 120 pages per issue on a bi-monthly release schedule, each issue of BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE is super-charged with fresh takes on comics and exclusive insights from comics creators only to be found in our print edition.

Release Date: Jun-30-2015