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Retail Price: $4.99 US

Full Color, 104 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Get ready for a CROSSED fest this issue with an exclusive interview with comics legend ALAN MOORE giving his insights into why he heeded the siren song of the CROSSED universe and created the +100 storyline, from its forward-thinking scope to what horrors still lie in store for struggling humanity! RICH JOHNSTON takes us inside the world of apocalypse-based comics from the medium’s earliest days to the present, and we take a look at what’s coming up from major publishers in the realm of action-packed survival stories across genres. You’ll also get your hottest tips on collecting the comics that are an investment goldmine, as well as vintage books and our handy Price Guide.  Delivering over 100 pages per issue on a bi-monthly release schedule, each issue of BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE is packed with content only to be found in our print edition.

Release Date: Dec-31-2014