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Avengelyne: Dark Depths #1 Frenzy Edition


Cover: Al Rio
Readership: All Ages
Format: 32 pp, 4/c, 1 of 2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: An exclusive new cover by Al Rio makes this limited edition a must-have for Avengelyne collectors! The riviting Dark Depths series gets off to a bang as Avengelyne gets swept into a underwater adventure once carnivorous creatures emerge from the sea and start eating innocent beach-goers. But they are only the tip of the iceberg as all sorts of underwater monsters are on the loose, and the mysterious and sultry Coral has something to do with it. Can Avengelyne stop these horrific ocean creatures, much less their master on the sea floor? This special edition is limited to 1500 copies.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014