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Avengelyne: Dark Depths #1 Al Rio Cover


Cover: Al Rio
Writer: Robert Lugibihl
Artwork: Rick Lyon
Readership: All ages
Format: 4/c, 32 pages, one of two

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Avengelyne returns in this all-new full color mini series with interior art by rising star Rick Lyon! Al Rio provides a stunning new wraparound cover featuring a sunbathing Avengelyne and introducing Coral! Avengelyne gets swept into a underwater adventure as carnivorous creatures emerge from the sea and start eating innocent beach-goers. But they are only the tip of the iceberg as all sorts of underwater monsters are on the loose, and the mysterious and sultry Coral has something to do with it. Can Avengelyne stop these horrific ocean creatures, much less their master on the sea floor? This series is the perfect place to pick up Avengelyne and see how Avatar's top- shelf creative teams have injected her with new life!

Release Date: Jan-01-2014