Digital Download FAQ

How does a digital purchase work at this store?

When you purchase a “digital copy” here, you will receive a download link immediately after checkout and payment. Your email order confirmation will contain the link(s) as well, and the link will also always be accessible from your store account page.

What kinds of digital files are available?

Each download will consist of your choice of PDF or CBZ file.

I’m new to this. How can I use these files?

Most modern desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones have a variety of apps available which you can use to read and enjoy these types of files. Many such readers are available for free, some you may have to pay for from the software maker or their app store.

Adobe Reader is a good place to start for using PDF files on almost any modern device.

Lifehacker has a good series of posts rounding up the best readers for CBZ files for various platforms, which they periodically update.  Check out their list of CBZ readers for iOS, Android, and both Windows and Mac desktops.

What if I want to read these comics from both my desktop and my phone or tablet? Are these files limited to a single device?

You may store and read these files from any device you like, and make copies of them on your own devices (or personal cloud storage service) for your own use. We simply ask that you do not share the files you have purchased with other people.

What is the Dropbox download option?

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service that many PDF and CBZ readers are able to use to sync and store your files. If you don’t want to download the files to your own device, you can choose to download them to your Dropbox account.  Though we do not currently offer direct download from our store to other cloud services such as Google Drive, you may also store your files on such services in your personal/private account.  Again, we simply ask that you do not make the files publicly available or share them with others.