Alan Moore Virtual Convention Editorial

Hurry!  Open for two weeks only, this closes on Wednesday August 26!

Why is this a Virtual Convention?

The idea is simple, Alan Moore does not do conventions.  He hasn't in a very long time and he will not in the future. Ever.  He hasn't done any signings outside of England for decades.   In fact, this may be his last significant signing in any setting!   What we are trying to create here is an environment as close to what you would get at a convention, without all the hassle of travel, tickets, and waiting in line!  Alan Moore is by one of the most reclusive major talents in the World and this is the perfect opportunity to get items not just signed, but also personalized!

This Virtual Convention is a very limited event.  Each item is limited and there is also a maximum total combined we can get signed, so don't delay!  If we hit our limit, we will have to close early without warning.

For a dear friend or your own personal collection, this is a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have not only the signature of the greatest comic book writer in history, but also personalized!  Each item will be uniquely hand-signed by Alan Moore and will ship to you packaged in a bag and board with a certificate of authenticity.

Orders will start shipping on October 15, 2015.

How was pricing determined?  - We have worked hard to keep costs on each item down and compared to other signed editions offered on the market, we think these are an incredible value.  There are a tremendous amount of costs that go into every book sold here.  Each item has to be send via FedEx to England, and back.  Other costs are flights for staffing, hotels for the signing, and of course we are paying Mr. Moore generously for his time.  The shipping cost added to your order is simply the cost of getting the finished items from our warehouse to your door, all the other costs we have to include in the pricing of each item.

Refunds and returns - We can't accept returns on these items, as in most cases each copy is personalized to you.  In the unlikely event we are unable to fill your order, due to books getting ruined shipping to us or something unexpected,  you will of course be fully refunded.