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Cover: Ron Adrian
Writer: Pat Shand
Artists: Ron Adrian, Raulo Caceres
MR, Color, 48 pages, monthly

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Hellina is back in action! After consolidating her power following the epic UnHoly series, now she must face a war brewing with the Ravening! Each issue features two epic tales and all the whip-cracking, blood-drinking goodness you could want!   Available with these powerful covers: Regular (& Nude) + Enforcer (& Nude) + Mistress ( & Nude) all by Ron Adrian – Deadly Beauty (& Nude) + Century Adult (lmt to 100) painted by Jonatas - Succubi (& Nude) + Bad Girl (& Nude) + Stunning (& Nude) by Renato Camilo – Luscious (& Nude, Adult, Adult Extreme) by Matt Martin – Sacrilege (& Nude) + Temptation (& Nude) by Raulo Caceres – Adult (& Shocking Adult) + Brutal Adult (& Adult Extreme) by Christian Zanier – lastly, a Fifty Shades Nude by Camilo that is limited to just 50 copies!

Release Date: Jul-31-2018

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