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PROVIDENCE Compendium & Nightmares of Prov #1 w/Bonus Terrors - Digital


This is an item that fills a Kickstarter or special fundraising order. The contents may be available in the store, but this specific item is not.

These are the digital copies that are part of the pre-order Providence Compendium set.  As each item is ready, you will get a notification that they are available for download.  They will be sent close the release of the printed edition, and you will get them automatically.

Nightmares of Providence has increased to a 64 page B&W book featuring all-new art from a huge range of talent including Gabriel Andrade, Christian Zanier, Ivan Rodriguez, and featuring Daniel Gete.

The complete 480 page Providence collection is all twelve issues.

A bonus book, which is being sent now, is the Nightmares of Providence, Bonus Terrors.  This is a 16 page book that was achieved as a stretch goal on the Kickstarter.  

They will be sent one at a time:

Digital copy - Nightmares of Providence Bonus Terrors
Digital copy - Providence Compendium
Digital copy - Nightmares of Providence #1

Release Date: Aug-28-2021

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