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The LOOKERS are back with a new imagining of the bad-ass babes in the seventh full-color title from Boundless Comics! The all-new LOOKERS #0 is a whole new beginning for this twenty year-old title, modernized by Mike Costa, writer of God is Dead & Belladonna with art by fan-favorites Renato Camilo and Ron Adrian! Sisters Michelle and Tanya take down Internet trolls and help women who are violated in the cyber world. Tanya is a webcam girl with no inhibitions and Michelle is an IT consultant with a bit of a violence addiction. Together they promise a high-octane thrill-ride as they get in way over their heads - but look great doing it! This sexy launch is a 80 page comic in full- color, intended for Mature Readers over the age of 18. It's chock-full of smoking hot bad-girl art, nudity, language, adult themes, and all the tasty good stuff for grown-ups!