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Hot on the heels of the smash JUNGLE FANTASY hit series VIXENS; we bring you the sexiest JFan to date with IVORY! Your support will help us determine the length of the series! Trying to survive on a dinosaur-filled planet is even more challenging when you are on your own, but Ivory gets by on her wiles and wits as she hunts for her abducted family. This first issue features a gigantic tale with art from Richard Ortiz and Renzo Ferrer, topped off with a special gallery of luscious Ron Adrian art! All issues are, at a minimum, 32 page comics in full- color, intended for Mature Readers over the age of 18, with sultry bad-girl art, nudity, language, adult situations, and more vine-swinging, dino-chomping, caveman-fighting action that you can shake a velociraptor claw at!