About Crossed: Dead or Alive

Welcome to the future of Crossed! We hope you enjoy the free webcomic of Crossed: Dead or Alive, and that is just the beginning.  With your support to our fundraising efforts here, this story will directly tie into a season of upcoming live action filmed webisodes written and directed by Garth Ennis.  All the episodes of Season 1 of DOA are already written by Garth, now we just need to gather the money to film them.  Our goal is to produce this outside of the normal Hollywood system, to use the amazing fan base we have for Crossed to help us raise the funds to allow Garth to write, direct, and completely control the filmed version Crossed: DOA.  By giving Garth that kind of creative freedom, we hope to deliver the terror of Crossed in a whole new way and allow him to really unleash his true vision of horror in a new medium.

Avatar is running a crowdfunding campaign to help get this off the ground, and we will be doing it all ourselves.  There are a wide range of support levels, any order you can place will help us move this closer to being realized.  But if all of Crossed Nation can band together to support Garth's vision for filmed terror, we can pull this off, and on our own terms.  Thanks for your generous support and thank you one and all for making Crossed such a smash hit.

About Crossed: Crossed is a horror comic book, originally created by Garth Ennis, from Avatar Press. It is in print in a series of comic books and graphic novel collections at your local comic shop and bookstore, available in digital from Comixology, webcomics at crossedcomic.com, and soon, filmed episodes. Conjure your darkest nightmares... and then realize it could all be so much worse. When civilization crumbles in one terrifying moment; when people are gleefully breaking into unthinkable acts of violence all around you; when everyone you love has died: What do you do? There is no help. There is no hope. There is no escape. There are only the Crossed.

About Garth Ennis: An award-winning creator who has been writing comics since 1989, Ennis has written extensively for Marvel, DC Comics, Avatar Press, and others. His DC/Vertigo comic book series Preacher is set to be a television series from A&E.

A note from Garth

I don't want to water Crossed down, and I don't want to have to change it beyond recognition either. I don't want to add more blood to satisfy an investor's desire to penetrate the overseas market, nor do I want to tone it down to fit the PG-13 model. Crossed is not the perfect starting point for that Martian vampire cop idea some producer's been cherishing these last ten years. Neither is it the next teen warrior franchise. The Crossed are not about to discover the humanity inside themselves and let the last survivor go, because he satisfied their sense of tribal honor through trial by combat. They won't be neutralized by some serum that gives our hero his girlfriend back, even after she was bitten. And they're not going to be reduced to xbox cannon fodder in some shoot-'em-up, either; no one's going to be battling the Crossed Queen in a giant strap-on fork-lift.

The idea behind DOA is for Crossed to stay Crossed: in other words, to remain exactly what it has been in every script I've written since Jacen Burrows and I created the title. If we're going to take Crossed onto the screen, I don't see how we can do it any other way. If you agree- we hope you'll come along for the ride.

Thank you,
Garth Ennis



How this campaign is different

You'll notice that our fundraising has some elements you'd commonly see at places like Kickstarter, but we have also changed some things up. One of the biggest changes is that we are taking orders for related products in support of our goal. These goods will all ship out to you in January 2015, no delays waiting for the very length process of a filmed series getting made. It's not a case of waiting until we hit a certain dollar threshold before we green-light the entire work. We will use funds as they come in to move it forward. We know we want $100,000 to shoot an entire season, but even with the first ten thousand dollars we can move forward with budgets and pre-production. With the next twenty thousand we can get location scouting, start sourcing props / costuming, look at SFX tests, and even begin casting. With every dollar that comes in, we move further towards shooting and so we will process the orders as they come in, get your goods out to you, and kindly thank you for helping us be one step closer.

We also differ because we encourage you to add on products to the main pledge packages. It's hard to cater to every fan and collector, so we want to give a little more flexibility in case you want something else, or an extra copy for a friend.

Now we want to be totally honest and upfront - things can, and will, go wrong. This may end up being far more expensive than we anticipate and we have to gather a lot more money. The cast we want may have time commitments that delay shooting. The zombie apocalypse may finally be upon us.  Or any number of things could pop up which can delay or greatly affect our ability to complete filming and production. That is why we wanted to be sure you the fans were getting product, something tangible for your funds. An order we can fill and complete. We never want anyone to feel that they were left hanging. We can't do this without your support, but sadly it also is a very complex beast to create not just a webisode series, but one that is exactly what Garth Ennis wants.

That being said, if and when this does get completed, everyone who helped us get there will get special access to the material. Might be extended cuts of each episode, it could be unrated versions, until we get cameras rolling it is hard to say what else we can deliver, but at the end of the long road will be an extra special free surprise for all our all supporters.


Vision for the future

The long-term goal is rather ambitious, but we thought you might like to see where we hope this is going.  Once we pull off DOA Season 1, we'd then like to look at Seasons 2 and 3 in the coming years.  Once we have that body of work to show, and a rabid fan base at our side, we move toward the much more expensive end goal - a feature length film of Crossed.  All of this to be written and directed by Garth Ennis.




Photos of Garth Ennis and William Christensen at NYCC 2014 by Kendall Whitehouse.

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