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CROSSED +100: MIMIC Fundraiser - Level 4: New World

$89.00 $169.00

Crossed +100: Mimic #1-6 digital copies
Crossed +100 Omnibus digital copy
Crossed: Wish You Were Here Omnibus digital copy
+ new this level +
Crossed +100 Mimic NWO editions (13 total)
#1 New World Order
#2 New World Order Apocalypse Raiders (set of 3) Death, Famine, War
#3 New World Order True Love, #3 NWO Ms Mayhem
#4 New World Order Ms Mayhem Origin (set of 3)
#5 New World Order Fall of Fantasyland A, B
#6 New World Order Fall of Fantasyland C, D

Limited to 199 - Start with a digital set of the series, and the two related Omnibus, and then we get into the meaty Crossed goodness, with New World Order (NWO) editions of all six issues! These have exclusive INTERIOR art for all six issues and we include a total of thirteen covers! These all feature never-before-seen, unedited, ultra-intense versions of covers from over the past decade and each of the NWO editions have eight exclusive unedited images! Each one is super-rare, every cover in this level is limited to just 333 copies! Each cover is all-new as well, with an unused Gabriel Andrade cover from the first series on #1 to kick things off! #2 has a stunning three-part Apocalypse Raiders cover by Raulo Caceres, and #3 has a new Matt Martin, and the ever-popular Ms Mayhem from Christian Zanier on new pieces. #4 has three covers showing the origin story of Ms Mayhem, and #5 and #6 each have two parts of the four cover Renato Camilo luscious Fall of Fantasyland series, depicting when the Crossed virus first infected the Wishful Fiction world he has been drawing on his covers.

Digital note - You will get an additional order with your digital download link. This will be the same link for all issues. Digital issues will be delivered as PDF or CBZ files from the Comic Cavalcade digital store and will be available the same day each issue is released in print.  The two Omnibus files will be released in July and just link single issues, you’ll be notified when they are ready for download.

Release Date: Nov-20-2018

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