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Writer: Kieron Gillen

Cover: Silva Brothers

Art:  Omar Francia

MR, Color, 32 pages, ongoing monthly

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  The exclusive debut edition from San Diego Comic Con, limited to 350 copies!

Here comes Kieron Gillen’s World-building space epic!  This ongoing monthly is pure Gillen, Mercury Heat introduces the sci-fi world of the future where individuals are identified by genetic markers and personality types to fill roles in society, the troublemakers end up on Mercury.  Luiza wanted to help people, she wanted with all her heart to be a police officer.  But the automated Grapevine system had other plans for her.  There are only a few legal options for someone branded with her neuroprofile. As an adult Luiza's dream came true - just on Mercury where she enforces laws with extreme prejudice as a bounty agent in a world of hard-as-nails miners and cyborgs.

Release Date: Jul-15-2015

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