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LOOKERS #0 Kickstarter - $375 level


Sold Out

Lookers #0 with Lookers/Pandora GN digital copy
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Edition
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Sexy Sleuths
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Sultry
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Thrill Ride
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Workout
Lookers - set of 4 art prints (11 x 17)
Lookers #0 Kickstarter6 cover Costume Change set
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Nude
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Sexy Sleuths Nude
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Sultry Nude
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Thrill Ride Nude
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Workout Nude
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Red Leather
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Bikini Century Costume Change set of 6
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Costume Change cover -Remarqued by Zanier
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Century Nude Set (of 7 covers)
Lookers #0 Leather Royal Blue Edition
Lookers #0 Topless Original Sketch cover
Lookers #0 CGC Numbered Platinum White Leather 9.8
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Bikini Century Costume Change -Remarqued by Zanier
+ new this level
Lookers #0 Two-part Connecting Nude Color Original Sketch cover set
Lookers #0 Nude Original Sketch cover

Text: Behold, the best-of-the-best, and only ten generous buyers will come away with a package containing three more stunning pieces of original art! We start with a special set of two connecting original hand-colored original sketch covers by Matt Martin featuring both Tanya and Michelle nude! Only ten sets were made, just for this ultimate level! But that's not all; Christian Zanier also provides a fully-nude sketch cover as well! You will not want to miss these saucy erotic treats by masters of sensual art.We thank you once again for going that extra mile to help us reach our goal and congratulations for getting an amazing batch of collectibles!

Release Date: Jul-31-2016