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LOOKERS #0 Kickstarter - $25 level


Sold Out

Lookers #0 with Lookers/Pandora GN digital copy
+ new this level
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Edition
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Sexy Sleuths
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Sultry
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Thrill Ride
Lookers #0 Kickstarter Workout

Text: As well as the digital copies from the previous level, you get five Kickstarter-exclusive printed editions of the new LOOKERS #0 by an all-star lineup of talent! The Kickstarter Edition is by Renato Camilo, Sexy Sleuths by Raulo Caceres, Sultry by Matt Martin, Thrill Ride from Christian Zanier, and Workout also by Camilo!

Release Date: Jul-31-2016