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JUNGLE FANTASY: VIXENS #1 Early Supporter Set


Sold Out

This special set is only available for early supporters - and only 40 of these sets are available!   All the covers for #1 you see below are included.  These sets are guaranteed to fill, so if you want to lock in your ultra-rare Century set, and super limited nude covers, this is the option for you!  The items are $225 Retail - but KS supporters get it now for only $165!

Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Regular
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Sultry Sisters
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Bikini Babes
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Wraparound
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Sirens
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Costume Change Set
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Nude
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Wraparound Nude
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Sirens Nude
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Bikini Babes Nude
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Pure Art
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Black Leather
Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 Rio Century Set
Don't miss the amazing array of sexy covers with this issue including a Regular Cover by series artist Renato Camilo, Sultry Sisters Cover by Gabriel Andrade, Bikini Babes by Ron Adrian, Wraparound Cover by Raulo Caceres, Sirens Cover by Matt Martin, the ultra-collectable Costume Change 6 cover set (with sexy topless and nude covers included!) by Christian Zanier that is limited to just 250 sets, and a stunning Black Leather Cover and a Pure Art Retailer Incentive also by Al Rio! For the ultimate in scarcity, don't miss the Century Covers Set of four incredible covers from legendary artist Al Rio and limited to a scant 100 sets!  For the erotic art collectors, there is a Nude Cover also by Renato Camilo, a Wraparound Nude Cover by Raulo Caceres, a Sirens Nude Cover by Matt Martin, and a Bikini Babes Nude Cover by Ron Adrian!


Release Date: Mar-20-2016